Aug 22, 2005

Wiley ´wascals and worthwhile ´weading

Some of the books we have been reading

I dont know if you have noticed, but Tyler has been going all out to organize our photos online. He has been adding tons of comments and titles to the photos so if you have the inkling click any of these pictures to check out his work. While he has been doing that I´ve been lounging in a hammock like a literate sloth. One of the joys of travelling is having time to read and most good hostels have a place that you can swap books with other travelers or an ever changing library. Too keep track of things I started a new weblog (hey you, stop rolling your eyes, NOW!)where I am going to keep track of my literary adventures. I´m mostly doing it to keep track of the books myself, but if you are curious check it out please do so.

It has finally happened. Folks warned us about it coming here but we took in stride and promised to be careful. Somewhere along that border crossing journey we were robbed. Well, at least I was. Some sneaky fellow unzipped my backpack, overlooked a $300 empty MP3 player, all of my High Fashion clothes, and took my toiletry kit.

Yup, a toiletry kit. They got a used toothbrush, some toothpaste (thankfully I finished the good stuff, Toms of Maine, a month ago), razors, a beard trimmer, and nail clippers. As annoying as it all is for me to lose, what did they think they gain by getting it? How much would you pay for a used toothbrush on the black-market? What if they threw in some nail clippers to sweeten the deal?

The biggest loss was our electric beard trimmer. It was the only thing keeping the hairy MacAllen boys from turning into grizzled tangled messes. So, consider yourself forwarned when you check out our pictures from now on. Unless we get a replacement soon our pleasantly furry faces will dissappear under a tangle of mangy dreads!


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