Aug 24, 2005

Productive Pals Parting

Much of the travel I've done in the past was going solo, at least at the outset. Other times I've had some great trips travelling with old friends as well as the countless people I've met along the way. Both are wonderful, worthwhile, experiences although they feel distinctly different. One one hand it's wonderful to be able to share a moment or a place with someone you're close too. On the other hand travelling alone forces one to become a little more gregarious and a little more engaged into the exciting world around.

This trip, just to be different, has had a feel all its own. Tyler and I have gotten along really well for years and when he came out to visit me in Scandinavia a few years ago we discovered that we travelled really well together too.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark

It's great to travel with someone you love dearly and trust implicitly. Tyler and I have complimentary strengths and weaknesses and after a somewhat eclectic but shared youth we've grown up instinctivly knowing when to help and when to ask for help. Furthermore, we both trust the other and ourselves to do our own thing and be able to handle whatever they get themselves into (as opposed to the crazy things we get into when we're together, but thats another story). This makes it so even though we've been sharing the same bedroom every day of the past two months save two, its easy for us each to take our own space whenever we want it. Furthermore, for a long time Tyler and I have both been devout communists when it comes to eachother. There is nothing I have that I wouldn't give Tyler if he asked and vice-versa. This trip makes that ethos particularly handy because this trip goes until we both run out of money which means it doesn't really matter who buys dinner, pays for a hostel or owes the other a beer. All in all, we make a great travelling team.

With things going so well it felt odd that when we arrived to Granada, Nicaragua this morning we wished eachother luck and parted ways. We're both going to give travelling solo in Central America a shot and we started today. So, we found our way to hostels on the opposite side of town and are plotting to what to do with our new found freedom. So, pay attention close to this blog. Hopefully you'll get to see what this world looks like through our seperate eyes. We've both got vague plans to travel around a bit and won't see eachother until we reach a mystical island in the middle of an inland sea. We've heard legends about two vast cones bursting up from the water and figure that sounds like an appropriate place for a triumphant reunion.

Good luck!

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