Jun 30, 2005

Our Clothes are Following Us!


For those of you following the blog from the Albany area here is a picture you might get a kick out of (and not only because Tyler looks like he is happily sleepwalking). This is a picture of Tyler taken at a booth in the annual festival de San Pedro, a three minute walk from our home here. Check out the shirts behind him, one of the "Pine Bush Basketball League from 1997-98" Another is for the "Hudson Valley Team" at the Empire State Games. Both refer to teams local to Albany which is where we left from.

So in all likelyhood after a fit of spring cleaning someone dropped off some clothes at the same Salvation Army in Albany that Tyler and I have many times. And somehow, after being shipped all over the country and down to Central America it found its way to being sold at this festival.

Upon seeing this, Tyler and I both took a solemn oath that if we ever see some clothes we´ve ever abandoned we´ll reclaim them on principal. If they track us down on another continent they deserve a happy retirement.


  1. Anonymous4:10 AM

    Hi Guys, Wonderful Essays - Great Pictures and I'm extremely proud of you two. Jealous of you too! Is there an e-mail address to this blog so I don't have to write in the comment section? Are you using your regular e-mail addresses too? Micah, theres was a memory chip with 512 on it in the cabin. Is that something important? A friend wants to alert a local journalist to your travel blog. If interested I'll forward it?

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