Jun 6, 2005

Flickr is Frickin' Fantastic

I spent much of this afternoon trying to puzzle out how we're going to keep feeding y'all pictures from random internet cafes throughout Central America. I put a number of photo hosting services through their paces, tried to do it on my webhost and ultimately went with Flickr.com

I wanted to keep our hi-res pictures but I also wanted to be able to post smaller pictures into this weblog without photoshopping them. Flickr does all of that, and more. To those of you not reading this blog on an RSS reader you'll see that we now have my recently posted pictures scrolling up the side. And even you folks that are on RSS readers, try clicking on these pics. You should be able to get the hi res shots if you want them, see other pictures I've posted but not blogged and you're now able to add your own rude remarks in the picture comments.

So, without further ado, here is Flickr in action. The Holyoke Range, a range of mountains also known as the Seven sisters is visible from much of the valley. For example from the top of the Noho parking garage you can see them peeking out from behind my old house:


Although many a day trip found me in various parts I spent two full years planning to hike them all in one go but almost moved out of valley without doing it. Fortunately on my last weekend in town Elizabeth and I did the whole range. Heres a view from the top looking down at Northampton.


PS I'm already missing folks from the valley so much I can taste it.

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  1. Anonymous10:26 PM

    It is lonely here in the office without you. I've had a couple of oh shit moments realizing your not in the corner to brainstorm with. I hope the move went smoothly.