Jun 17, 2005

Geek post

I know a subset of our readers aren't nearly as interested in tales of our derring do as they are what sorta gadgetry we've got. Being a geek on the road, I feel I should fill in my brethren about the conclusion to my previous pondering post:


We're packing:
-Two digital Cameras, a 3MP Canon Elph and a 5MP Nikon CoolPix
-An iRiver H340 MP3 player with all our music (about 25Gigs)
-Tungsten T5 Palm with a folding keyboard
-An SD card reader (Thanks Sam!) and a compact flash reader
-A couple headlamps, and a couple regular flashlights
-3 Electronic keyring size mosquito repellers
-One AA battery charger, a useful device foolishly left in NY
-A Garmin GPS
-A small bag with a steel mesh built in, that we can put a padlock on. Already used to lock all the electronics we don't want to carry daily to a bed in a hostel.

The most useful thing we've discovered as yet, is to load the Flickr uploading software onto our cameras memory cards. That we we plug them in an open USB port at random internet cafes and upload all our pictures while working. We also intend to type out messages and blogposts on the palm pilot, save them as text files onto another memory card, and paste them online when we get to a connection.

Cool, Ain't it?

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  1. Ahhh, Micah... It's good to know that, among all of the other amazing travel excitement, you still manage to maintain your uber geek status.

    Travel safely and have many, many adventures!

    Blog on...