Jul 19, 2005

Whoa Nellie...


While in Antigua Tyler and met some great people and totally gave up on spending an entire month in some tiny little mountain town called San Pedro. We went to check it out mostly just because we said we would but only would stay a few days before we'd return to Antigua for classes. That was over one month ago and we've only been able to tear ourselves away for a handful of little half day trips because life out here is so great.


These little towns have been so good to us. For one thing, our classes were wonderful and I couldn't possibly recommend Casa Rosario any more. It hardly seems real, we're studying one on one with charming local teachers in one of the prettier gardens I've seen.

Clara, Micahs Maestre

And boring everyday life was made spectacular when in the shadow of a gigantic volcano. Be it putting out laundry, or strolling home from school it's hard not to be in nonstop awe when looking up the face of this act of geological fury. This is Volcano San Pedro, with our little village on the side taken from Panajachel on the other side of the lake.


I was well impressed with that volcano. But my sense of it, much like my sense of San Pedro changed really quickly. It turns out that this whole inland sea is actually a vast volcanic crater. And that Volcano San Pedro, for all its former fury is more like a little pimple on the real volcano. Consider my mind blown!

Goodbye San Pedro, I will miss you!

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