Jul 12, 2005

Good eatin'

While making plans to visit a developing country Tyler and I resigned ourselves to living a more challenging, less immediately appealing life. We knew we would have to sacrifice much of our quality of life. We were leaving behind good friends and loved ones, favored restaurants and our comfy homes.

The truth is we had no idea what we were getting into. For one thing, over the last month the both of us have eaten better than either of us have in many years. San Pedro is full of really phenomenal restaurants with cuisine from all over. Below is a picture of a local specialty Bananas Latino... Bananas fried with rum, some secret spices and a little sugar.

Bananas Latino

For less than the price of eating our fill of fast food at home we've been able to dine in a well manicured garden, sip on a glass of Chilean wine and casually watch the evening unfold. The local food too is delicious, healthy and almost always appealing. Tortillas, beans, and rice show up in almost every meal but seems to hit the right spot everytime. The fresh fruit is fantastic sliced up on the street, or blended into a yogurt licuado in front of our eyes. If only someone could convince the Guatemalans to brew slightly stronger coffee and start up a few microbrews this place would be culinary Nirvana.

The Casa Rosario Crew

To reflect a small part of my appreciation I've started a photoset of some of the food we've been having. So, click there whenever you want to wish your computer had a monitor that you could taste.

All this being said, after a month on the road Tyler and I are starting to evolve how we travel. We started going out for three meals a day. Which dropped, more or less, to two once we started classes. Lately, to save money, we've been averaging closer to one meal out and just eating some of the fruit and bread we've found to supplement it throughout the day. And we've started out this week by resisting the impulse to go out to eat at all. Last night, for instance, most of the students at our school shared all the food we'd had hidden in our rooms. What initially started as a simple dish turned into a veritable feast that left us all satisfied and smiling.

Stone Soup Meal

Buen Provecho!

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  1. Anonymous5:01 PM

    the office is filling with a sugary, sweet, potent smell- what is it? oh bananas- glorious, gorgeous, gratifying rum soaked bananas..... my fingers seem to be sticking to the keyboard- thank you, micah for this delicious mid-morning snack!

    i write to you today from an office you may remember – study abroad programs here at UB. the numbers of students leaving their comfort zones and striving for more are increasing each and every year- I am busier than ever- and I LOVE it.

    Last week freshman orientation began- for seven weeks I will talk about studying abroad- I will the future that anything is possible, i will do all of this through a presentation entitled LIVE DELIBERATELY... the room has been overflowing with energetic students each and every time! standing room only- my dream of playing to a full sold out crowd comes true twice each week :)

    thank you for keeping me posted on your journey- it is always so nice to hear from you- we still refer think of you as one of our favorite repeat-offenders…

    buena suerte con el viaje- gracias para todo!

    'ta lluego- senorita rhon-ita.
    (rhona, study abroad advisor UB)