Dec 27, 2005

Radical RSS Reader

DANGER, Digital Dorkiness Disclosure

Several of our readers rarely actually visit the website and never see all the cool doo-dads I've been putting into it (check it out sometime!). You sneaky folks use RSS readers, a program that visits all the weblogs you read and combines all their recent unread posts into one handy little window. Although you don't get to see exactly how I lay out the website it makes it much more efficient to read all the news and posts you went to the online to see.

If your eyes are glazing over now, you should merrily skip to my post below. But if you know what I'm going on about I might have something new for you. I was first introduced to RSS readers at the site which I really like. But I recently discovered that Google is moving in to take over even more of the internet in that lovable ubiquitous monopolistic way they have. Google labs made a new beta-software RSS reader that is intuitive, simple and free but with some powerful options that I've been using for a few weeks now and really like. It´s a nifty little program, so if you're computer-geek inclined check it out here!

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