Nov 24, 2005

Whats up, up there?

It´s been over five long months since we left the USA and a lot has happened in our homeland that Tyler and I have only heard about second hand. We have heard some good things, like the haves of our hemisphere are starting to share with the have nots; Venezuela is selling Americas poor discounted heating oil. And we´ve missed some horrible things: like the devastating hurricanes in New Orleans.

But someone, clearly, has been up to something else in our absence. When we left the country was still mostly supporting George Bush Jr., a president I worked hard against in the 2004 elections. In that election the country mostly went for Bush, appearing like this:

But then, as soon as Tyler and I left the country things seem to have shifted. Today, a map of the presidents popularity looks like this:

Are you all trying to tell us something? Were you supporting the worst President of this century just because you were sick of my constant whining about how horrible he was?

Perhaps, in the interest of world peace, global cooperation, and a sane environmental policy Tyler and I should continue this trip for ever!

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