Oct 13, 2005

All Access Amazing Art

Cam.. de E.. by Dinora B..

Tyler and I have visited some great art museums in our travels thus far, but the Museo de Arte Costarricaense in San Jose was one of the most peculiar I've ever been too. They had a lot of pretty works by artists, but what got me is the ones that were ugly or disturbing. But disturbing and ugly in a beautiful way. Or if beautiful is not the right word, than perhaps brilliantly unsettling is. I know I am not being very clear, but I dont clearly know how to describe it. Its like I would see a painting and feel uneasy, but not be able to stop looking at it.

Familie by Fernando Carballo

Or find something done clearly with a masters touch but that I would never want in my home for fear of getting nightmares.

Tela Blanca by Adrian Arguedas

Or shocking, but not neccesarily in a Chris Rock Comedy hour kind of shocking. More of a "Who would EVER think to make art out of an average dowdy, grumpy middle aged woman with a cell phone and an obnoxious poodle?"


All in all, it was a great experience that I wish I could share with all you out in blogspace. Oh, right, I can! Whenever they let us Tyler and I take pictures of the great or unique artwork we come across and then post it along with its title and artists name up here and tag it with the museums name. It makes it so you, sitting right where you are, could click to get to a slideshow of a MacAllen tour of a museum. Pretty cool huh? I started organizing em like this for a while, so we already have a pretty decent collection. Click on any one of the pictures below to see what I mean...

Nina by Francisco Arrigh..
Museo de Arte Costarricaense

Paisaje Ortogonal by Moises Becerra
Honduras National Art Gallery

Or even
La Coiffure by Henry Matisse
US National Gallery of Art in Washington DC

Tattered and Torn by Alfred Kappes
Smith College Museum of Art in Northampton, Massachusetts

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