May 3, 2005

Slippery When Wet

It's raining in the valley. Which made my 8 mile bike-commute home slippery, a little chilly and blissfully adrenalin fueled. I don't know what it is about exercising in the rain that triggers it but I thrive on the energy that surges through me. I pedal hard, oblivious to discomfort and with a huge grin on my mud streaked face. I don't know why it feels so good. But it does. It makes me feel totally alive.

Being a bicycle commuter means I need to ride in bad weather too. Like the weekend before last when Gary came out to visit. We were forced to ride around on a pleasant spring day. We had to endure sunshine, burgeoning wildflowers, a slight breeze and some great views. Both of these pictures were both taken near the Connecticut river, about a 10 min laidback ride from my home in the bustling center of downtown Northampton.





  1. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Really nice town. Im might travel there when i get some money oh! yes check your email ,m, tell me if i have to send another to you because my email is messed up. Did'nt know you were afraid of shots. Nice flowers. Frist time i seen a pic. of you.


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