Apr 18, 2005

Um, Shouldn't Someone Warn Latin America?

The brothers MacAllen have slowly, and methodically, been cutting free of the ties that bind. We've started charting a path to Colorado, by way of Central and South America. This summer we are going to start moving, and won't stop 'til we find the fall in the Rocky Mountains.
We're coming at it from different places and for different reasons. We're both looking for answers that we suspect might be abroad, but we're sure we will find together. We've got a long history of going on ill-conceived ventures that, after going awry, work out spectacularly well. We've gotten hopelessly lost on mountains in NY and in the Colorado, and found both hope and laughter on our way back. We've taken Scandinavia by storm, smiling, seducing, strolling and sunburning along the way.
We really have no idea what we're in for, other than the adventure of a lifetime. And there is no one I'd rather do it with.

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