Aug 22, 2005

Picture Page...

Red Tropical Church

Hey gang,

Micah had such tremendous responses from his cartographers query, that I thought seek a little advice of my own from the board.

We've been trying to start organizing the pictures on the flickr site, so that you can mostly get where you want without having to filter through two hundred pages of slow loaders.

Really, I'm finding one of the easiest ways to get around the flickr site is by accessing the sets on the left hand side of the first page. Right now, we have ten sets:

The Latin American Epic, is the largest, containing all the pictures from the trip.
The Notorios MacAllen Boys, are pictures of us.
Beautiful People, are the friends and loved ones we meet along the way.
Cool Pics, is an as yet fairly undeveloped set, containing some of our favorites.
Guatemala, is our pics from Guatemala.
Honduras, same from Honduras.
Nicaragua, nuff said.
Artwork, is the art.
Flowers, are the flower pics Micah particularly loves to stop and take... thanks Elizabeth!
And finally Food, is the pictures of some of the most wonderful things we eat.

Clicking the set brings you to a thumbnail page where you can scan through and find the ones you want easily and hopefully, quickly.

I don't want there to be too many sets, as organizing will get to be too much, but i wanted to know if there was any other set headings you would like to see. Do we have too many? Not enough? Has someone figured easier ways to get around? Perhaps by searching the tags?

Anyway, thank you for any advice you have... enjoy the site!



  1. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Love the pictures. I find them easy to navigate. By the time the shear number became cumbersome you had developed the categories. (good categories,no suggestions there). I also find Micah's reading list and brief synopses interesting. It is amazing at all you accomplish on this "relaxing vacation"

  2. Anonymous3:47 AM

    The pics look good, but I do have one suggestion. If you don't mind one more category...could you add art and architecture? There are some gorgeous images of architectural details and the like which I would certainly like to see...

    Much thanks! Love, Elizabeth

    ps Glad you're enjoying the flowers...I am too! It makes me feel like I get to experience a little more of the journey than I might otherwise.