Aug 16, 2005

Open(ed) Water

Well gang... if you've been following, you know how Micah and I had been taking our open water SCUBA course on Utila. We've been doing this with Ditte, a fantastic dane with indominable good cheer and great company. Anyway, I wanted to follow up, just in case, our first entry failed to impress upon the world the PROFOUND effect the great and deep blue ocean has had upon us.

Tyler Ditte and Robert

When Micah last wrote, we were within a day of getting our PADI cert. card, and two days from heading on to cheaper, and assuredly drier adventures elsewhere. That was most of a week ago. Obviously, we didn't make it off that island so easily. Rather than try to explain how it really feels to glide effortlessly througfh crystal waters with thousands of brilliantly colored fish... I think I'll show you the Brothers MacAllen on the day the Ocean embraced us to her cool, soft bosom...

Los Hermanos Barbes

Yeah, I love my big brother, and after the world we've shared, I couldn't find a better way to show it.

Every person on Utila will swear by their dive school. They are all excellent, and maintain a consistant standard of price, and quality, both of which being excellent. That being said, everyone who didn't go to the Bay Island College of Diving... is wrong. Everyone there is warm, friendly, knowledgable, helpful, and fun. Robert, our instructor,

Robert, Our Instructor

was the coolest guy one could study under, and made the whole course fantastic. Please, if you're at all interested in learning to dive, go to BICD and HARRASS THIS MAN!!! It was such a great experience, we stayed for the next course, making us Advanced Open Water Divers... and assuredly, lifetimers. Every time I've slipped into the ocean is better than the last. With more than a dozen dives each, we feel ready to explore the depths around the globe!

Micah, the amphibian

Tyler in his new home...

Micah rented an underwater digital camera on our last day, so we could share the magic with you guys. As a warning, I'll tell you, it is extremely difficult to take underwater pictures. You need perfect bouyancy control, tremendous patience, and good fortune. We didn't do the sea justice... but our adoring public demands that we try...

If you have a minute, click on one of these pics and dig through the underwater stuff. Its not anything near the majesty of the Carribean Sea, but its pretty damn cool.

Banded Shrimp
this Banded Coral Shrimp is the guy Robert was pointing to

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