Aug 25, 2005

Estoy solo, pero estoy feliz

Ahhh... all is well.

Xalteva Church

As you all well know by now, Micah and I have taken reprieve from eachother. A little saddened, and a little lonely, perhaps. A little nervous about not knowing what to do if I bump into him, perhaps. This is our grace period. We're "taking a break"... no really, its mutual... I swear! I don't need him. He was a cabrone anyway (perhaps you've noticed, our form of censoring is by writing in spanish). There'll be others.

Oh wait, no there won't. He's the only one I got, mierda!

No, really, it wasn't like that at all. One day, over dinner, as we were having a particularly profound and inspiring conversation (of which, we will both assuredly post, later, when its percolated), I looked at my brother, and said; "Micah, we have to talk about travelling separately." To which he responds by smiling ear to ear. "I thought I would have to bring that up." You'd think that smile would hurt my feelings. That my brother was excited to leave me, to battle the road alone. But it didn't hurt. You see, brothers understand eachother to a much deeper level than that. Especially brothers who've shared every second of the past two and a half months. He was happy to stretch his legs alone, sure, as I was (its why i brought it up), but that wasn't where the smile was born. My big brother looked at me... and felt nothing but pride for his baby bro. I could feel it. It puffed me like Orville Reddenbacher.

Anyway, we've spent two days in the same Town, without crossing paths. I can't be sure of his plan, but i think as we both bolt tomorrow, radically diferent trips await us. Only time, and this blogsite will tell. During our time in Granada however, I have been damn busy takin pictures. The town is beautiful, and already in many ways home, but I'm ready to get into somewhere a bit more active. Mostly in Granada, you just sit and feel the city. Tomorrow I'm heading for some Volcanoes! Anyway, I'm putting a couple of pics here now, but I think you'd love to take a peek at the rest I've taken today, I got ALOT of good ones. I think its kind of hard to get a bad one here!

Main Cathedral with Cross

Anyway, many adventures await, and we'll relay them soon enough. I know I'll be checking this site everyday!

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