Aug 1, 2005

And the pebbles pull out to thin lines beneath us

On the road indeed!!!
You know, in all of our self-pity about the malarial malaise, we've failed to noticed we've picked up a good head of steam here in Central America. We certainly took our time with the first country... as the gravitational pull of Guatemala is tremendous. We ran through Flores, and Tikal.

Still building steam, we shot through Rio Dulce and Livingston.


Touching to savor the most wonderful parts of all things, wew hungered for speed, and flat road. After much energy, and little time,

Micah Crashed out on a fine Guatemalan Bus

We fulfilled the neccesity of accelerating to tremendous speeds in order to break orbit, and we've torn away, only to find ourselves hurtling towards a greater mass... Honduras!

Not only physically bigger than Guatemala, Honduras also has a tremendous weapon at its disposal. The infallible "bay island" tourist electromagnet has caught us at close range. The tug was felt in the states, and moreso in Guatemala, but now, both Micah and I are ensnared in electric blue coils.

We weren't sure what to think of Honduras. We heard the infrustructure was a good deal more developed than that of Guatemala, but that a suffering economy might make for more difficulties down the road. The border crossing town of Corinta came straight out of Mad Max's "The Road Warrior". The first thing we experienced in Honduras was our micro bus hitting, and ultimately, after a few agonizing minutes, killing a poor street dog. All to the watchings of an interested crowd, one member of which took great joy in the pain. We had entered hell.

We hoofed it hard and fast through much of the countryside, bypassing an original planned stop in Omoa. We stopped in San Pedro Sula for a few hours, a nice city, but without much by way of tourist areas. I took this... my first and to date only Honduran picture (mind you, it isn't that Honduras isn't beautiful... it's a lovely country, but there hasn't been much time to stop).

Catholic Church in San Pedro Sula

Shortly thereafter Micah and I bought some food from a roadside comida for a late lunch... we had yet to eat that day. It consisted of chicken, fried plantains, that are much like fries, salad covered with a sauce. With it came half liter bottles of soda. The price... 46 Limpera. thats roughly a buck and a quarter a piece. Having contained it for a day now, I can say... it was delicious, good food.

Now, its a day in la Ceiba, another nice, but not terribly interesting city to stock up on food and rum, as the bay islands are likely a bit expensive. Last minute internet stop. You're all up to date on all the pics now. And a bit of relaxation before a grueling week of lounging on a beach, diving and snorkeling.

We also hear that next saturday, Utila is hosting its biggest party of the year, with boats full of people coming from all the Bay Isalnds. yeah, even through the meds... im constantly reminded... LIFE IS GOOD!!!

After Riding the River at Retiro

Cheers all, we'll see you in a week or so!

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