Jul 24, 2005

Weekend Update

So I don't have anything profound (or more likely pretentious and obnoxious) prepared for you philosophy bums right now. But I thought I'd drop a line while there is room to do so.

Trip is going well. We've fallen into a wonderful backpacker community hostel called El restiro in Lanqueen Guatemala. The town is quite tiny, but we're ten km. from Semuc Champey (known here as the eighth natural wonder of the world). Its a formation of natural limestone pools stepping down a gradual decline, wheile most of the water from the river feeding it cascades down into impossible deep caverns beneath. It tough to describle, but hopefully we'll get some pictures up soon.

We've met some great friends. I've been getting n particularly well with a Canadian dude from Halifax, who, I've found is just very comfortable in his own skin. He met a group of teachers from Guatemala city at dinner, who invited us to their hotel to hang out. They were as fun as they come, and I was granted a much needed opportunity to practice my spanish. I think, as Micah noted, I'm looking forward to enjoying my next couple of weeks of vacation, but really have a need to start investing in communities, and hanging out a little less with my own culture, and more with others.

Any way, we fare well. In a day or two, we head to Tikal to see fantastic mayan ruins, then Livingston to taste a little rasta, Garifuna life. After that to Utila for diving and snorkeling, but I'll write before then.

Love yourselves, we'll be in touch.

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