Jul 25, 2005

Travelling with the Brothers MacAllen

Tyler and I have had the pleasure of travelling and living with Kristina for over a month now and as we are sadly preparing to to part ways she asked if she could post to our blog. So, without further ado... our very first Guest Blogger

Micah and Kristina Kayaking

To travel with the MacAllen boys has been a never ending concoction of fun laidback spirituality shook up in a big bottle of high quality Guatemalan beer. Ty and Micah, are two increbibly intelligent and wonderful positive men who always keep new philosophies coming and dare to leap out to think anew every morning, every day.

Moreover, they carry everything a lily-white and crook-half-the-time-Kristina might need such as antibiotics, chocolate, ducktejp, superglue, SPF60 and great conntagious smiles. They are simply beautiful beautiful people!

They have completed my time in Guatemala, showed me a fantastic salsa time, let me sleep on their shoulders (cuties!) bussing, walked me home at night, supplied me with warm hugs and above all everlasting friendship and love. Thank you heaps and heaps mates.

They crack me up, they make me feel safe in the world (they are great ambassadors for America, great citizens of the world), they give me that addictive warm fuzzy feeling. I thoroughly enjoy being alive with these guys. In fact I love life and i feel tremendously blessed to have been given the opportunity to share it with them. They are food to my soul.

- their very own Pippi Longstocking waysofdelight@yahoo.se

Be the change you want to see in the world - M. Gandhi


  1. Micah, Ty...I want to tell you, so you dont forget, but more so because its bursting to get out.
    I have loved our time at Casa Rosario, San Pedro...to see your friendly faces at breaktime in school.
    I have loved our talks, all your words of wisdom, your stories and your wit.
    I have loved to see how you put smiles on other peoples faces and lift their spirits.
    I have loved, really adored, every laughter.
    I have loved your great food and every coffee with creamer, truely.
    I have loved travelling with you.
    I love your website!
    ...and Im proud to call you my friends. You are the best of people, the best of men, the best of companions and friends.
    Im cherishing every memory. Ive relished every moment. And I owe it all to the energy between us. Never a dull moment, never far from adventure, always close to magic and sometimes simply heaven.

    Angels, I have seen the wings on both of you.

    You are the change I want to see in the world.

    Love Always
    Kristina Johansson

  2. Anonymous2:03 AM

    My sentiments exactly! See, I told you, it's NOT just because I am your Mother.

  3. Kristina,
    It's funny, much of what you wrote about the MacAllen Bros as traveling-mates applies to Micah as a housemate and Tyler as a houseguest. Warm, friendly, caring, antibiotics and chocolate giving, amazing people. I miss them dearly... South America can borrow them for a while... as long as they promise to come back!

    Go Team MacAllen!

    Blog on!