Jun 19, 2005

Language School

Well, still no pictures today. We've found a new internet cafe in town, but, not only are they running win 98, a USB is nowhere to be found. Fear not, we're adventurous folk, and will rise to the challenge.

Tomorrow, classes begin. We've enrolled in the Casa Rosario language school. Samuel, who I believe is a founding owner, is the pleasant, patient Mayan who checked us in. the school is broken into two parts, the dorm housing and the school itself. The housing is outside of the tourist bit of town, which is welcome. Our first night in town was in a hostle which, while having a wonderful view of the lake and surrounding mountains, sits in the middle of a formidable (to say the least) stench. Couple the smell with the all night long carouseling of friends on the street below, and the concurrent baying of local street hounds who seemed up to the excitement, and you have a potent cocktail of irritable brothers. Alas, once the coffee, not quite as disgustingly weak as it's been to date, was poured, and sleep encrusted eyes cracked to the lake, the irritable melted off like snow on hot coals.

The classroom itself lies in a garden nestled between farmland in a maze of dirt footpaths that separate the touristy docks from the bustling (although small) local town. The garden is broken into maybe a dozen covered "classrooms", each containing two chairs, a table and a dry erase board. The whole thing overlooks the lake, although it is somewhat obscured by lush greenery. Ah, the twenty hours a week of hard labor that we'll be exposed to will be treacherous indeed!

I am very excited to learn some more of this language, as I'm hoping it to be the first hurdle that separates Tyler the vacationing tourist, from Tyler the traveller.

Stay posted, I promise to get some pictures of Casa Rosario in here soon enough. So ends (hopefully) the last post of Tyler the monolingual.


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