Jun 22, 2005

How fast do you walk when you have nowhere to be?

I had that thought for the first time today as I walked to class. I was running late, and therefore... running. It occured to me that for over a week now I've had nowhere to be in particular. I'm greatful for class, as its giving me a reason to move, but I don't wanna depend on it.

Its a good question: How fast do you walk when you have nowhere to be? It's your pace, or speed. You can go faster or slower, sure, but your body, spirit and mind have a pace they like to run at. Finding that pace isn't as easy as you'd think. My pace is pretty much what the world around me demands or expects of me. Thats how I've always set it, but I think its also what stretches me out.

This'll be a consideration during the trip, and I'll fill you in on my progress as I learn how fast I wanna turn the ol' legs over. Until then, enjoy happy trails, and pay attention to how fast your legs need to move, not just how fast you need them to move.

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