Jun 24, 2005

Espanol es la lengua bonito!

I'm sure there are many errors in that title. My vocabulary is limited, and my grammar moreso. But I'm to the point where I can begin to convey ideas, simple as they may be. Besides, I've had four days of class, so I'm not gonna kick myself too hard.

Class has been very difficult. Four intense hours of one on one studying every day, followed by a few more hours of studying alone or doing homework, almost makes me want to slap a waiter for wishing me a "Beunos Noches" before dinner. :) Up to yesterday, its been alot of work, trying to establish something to build from. Frustration was high, but mostly its been difficult to disconnect myself from a world that cherished and nurtured me, to enter one that cannot connect to me at all, beautiful as it may be.

In class yesterday, without knowing how, I began to speak to my teacher, whose English is either limited or mostly hidden from me. A conversation! For a long time! It was fantastic! Its so bizarre how the rules of a language is all work, but the speaking of it, when it begins to come to you, is almost effortless. It just starts to open up for you. Like seeing an old Bob Ross program, when he slaps a bunch of black lines across a canvas, and all of the sudden a serene mountain lake just appears from nowhere.

I'm feeling quite empassioned, spirits are high! I will get this!

Micah and I were debating how long we would end up staying in San Pedro before we left. We were going to leave after a week or two, but now, its looking like the full month will be much better. I think we'll know when the road calls to us.

Hasta luego!

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