Jun 17, 2005

Babe in the Woods

No, this post isn't about a babe I found in the woods. And those of you who know me by face know I'm no bodacious babe. I am however about as helpless as a baby just rolled out of his swaddlin' clothes into the lushest green mountain forest I've yet seen. Armed with little more than a partial mastery of the English language, and a pack that contains only the basic neccesities (and judging by the weight of it, a 1968 VW Beetle), I'm in trouble. Fortunately, the brother has sheilded me from the majority of abuse, and the Guatemalan people have been extremely generous in not providing much if any in the first place. Nevertheless, senor Tyler is nervous.
Hopefully, on Monday, the Spanish courses begin, and two weeks later, I hope to some grasp of the basics... at least enough to be able to apologize for being stupid!
Anyway, Antigua is beautiful. It's a small city in the Guatemalan highlands. The architecture is mostly spanish colonial, and built by Mayan labor (sadly, mostly slave). The city was is regularly shaken by earthquakes, and a year of powerful quakes in the 18th century decimated the city. Even now, 200 plus years later, the ruins stand throughout the city.

I hope you credit Micah and I for being master photographers, but the Gods honest truth of it is that it is near impossible to screw a shot up in this country!

Outside of the city is Volcan Pacaya, Guatemalas largest active volcano. The black cone, shrouded in mist, played an elusive game with us. At first, we were greeted only with whooshing explosions (which does for the record, instill a great fear in you). It was only after the rest of the tour was trudging down the mountain that we saw a thin trail of magma spill across the crest of the mountain.
*this isn't in the cone, we couldn't get there, its in the magma run trail, but I just really like the pic

Micah and I had met a small group of friends, and it was only when we lingered behind to share a bottle of wine I had dragged up the slope with the guide that the mountain shared with us what she was to shy to show the group. We decided that the wine was the virgin sacrifice the gods required. Lesson learned... Wine opens ALL doors!

Alright... I have to save a little story for telling in person, and i imagine these fellas will want their computer back, so for now...
... hasta luego!

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