Apr 19, 2005

a little late

I had this realization the other day. It wasn't so much an enlightenment as it was one of those points where I land both feet down on the game of hopscotch that my thought (notice the singular) plays in my head.

I think most of the thought is a continuation along a sequence of of existing thoughts. The impetus for said thought I think is a realization of the impending doo... I mean glory that Micah and I face in the nether-Americas. Rather than give you the sequence chronologically as it appeared in my head, I figure it would be more fun to throw it out into the world naked and unembellished.

Now that I've nearly finished the process that Micah so artfully defined as "severing the ties that bind", I realize that the most important thing we can do for ourselves is form lasting, meaningful connections. Its not always to a person or even people. Its simply increasing your awareness of the connectedness of all matter and energy, and your essential part within the process. I'm really starting to think that's the goal. Toy with this idea; Every negative moment or feeling you've had in your life is very directly connected to a forced separation of the bond between yourself and someone/thing. Usually the process is self-pity. It usually sounds a little bit like this: "Why am I the one getting screwed here... Its always me... what did I do to deserve this... whatever." What you're doing is forcing a perception of you somehow being separate from the rest of the universe. Its not the screwing that's bothering you, but the separation you're imposing upon yourself. Now think about every moment you percieve as positive. It always has to do with establishing a connection with something or someone. A good joke between friends, getting that job you wanted or maybe just that feeling you get on the top of a mountain when you realize you never comprehended how tiny you were in the grand scheme, but how absolutely essential you are.

Well, that's what this site is about. Making and keeping connections. I'll reach out as often as I can, and you catch up when you want.

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