Apr 15, 2005

The birth of the brothers MacAllen

Its been a long time in waiting. The MacAllen brothers have each spent the past twenty some odd years carefully cultivating their own distinctive voices. It's taken ten years of rarely finding harmony with the world around us to realize that our voices resonate most richly with the voices that we've been avoiding, eachothers.

Micah and are as different as two brothers can be, as will probably be illustrated throughout time. We've both known that difference as long as we've known to know. The things that we've had to struggle with are precisely the things the other has found innately. Add difference to proximity, and the result will invariably be warfare. The brothers MacAllen did war! Bless our loving parents, as the Herculean battles between us rarely lastingly damaged eachother, but usually had profoundly distructive inpacts upon our immediate environment. Imagine if you will a dragonball z-esque scenario..., and later on in the series, when all the guys are jacked up on zen meditation and pissed-offedness!

As we gained the freedoms of adulthood, Micah and I fled from eachother furiously and as differently as our personalities befitted us. Micah, the driven, shed himself of all dead weight and skimmed across the surface of the globe like a flat stone skimming the surface of a pond. I, the builder/repairer, in turn constructed and fortified a towering castle of connections, obligations and commitments. Walls so thick, only a fleet of yellow trucks would likely reach me, only to find me crushed by my own fallen stones.

For both of us, I think, the farther we fled, the more exhausting the task became. Micah's mountains were each taller than the previous ones. My castle began to sway, and I found myself continually needing to lift the whole thing onto a bigger base. Somewhere, separately, in our exhausted states, a realization dawned. For me I realized I needed the destination-minded goal-seeking skills that Micah'd been cultivating to plan my castle before I put the pieces together. Micah I imagine realized he needed the "dig-in"strength I've developed throwing around castles, to push up the highest mountains.

We each spent our time in our respective safe places quietly, and futily trying to develop the others skills, and gaining only understanding and respect.
Reborn unto ourselves, the MacAllen Brothers present themselves to the world. Micah, I know I'm a considerable weight in your bag, but it's for you that I leave my castle, gates wide open.


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